Most Popular Types of Horses

Horses are popular all over the world as pets, companions, for sport and for pleasure. There are hundreds of breeds, each with unique characteristics and traits. The use of these horses ranges from sport to pleasure to work. They also vary in size, shape and demeanour. Some of the most well-known and popular types of horses in the world are as follows. Horses are also used for sports and betting, use the unibet welcome bonus to find out how you can bet on horses.

The Arabian Horse

This horse originated in the Arabian Peninsula and is characterized by its unique head, tall height and large demeanour. It is also one of the oldest breeds. These horses are both intelligent and fast and therefore are used in western and saddle seat riding, and for dressage as well.


Appaloosas originated as an American tribe horse in the Northwest area of the United States. Similar to Paint Horses, mentioned below, they appear to have splatters of different colours in their hair. These are mostly used as stock and trail horses due to their sturdiness.


These horses are known and characterized by their interesting gait, which can be described as the ‘running walk.’ They were originally used for farming and agriculture, due to their stamina and ability to go long distances. This also made them great for war purposes.

The Miniature Horse

These horses are known for being tiny in stature. They date back as far as the 1600s, and they are defined as those horses which are no taller than 38 inches from mane to toe. Make no mistake, these are actually horses and not ponies. They are commonly used more for pleasure than for work and are common to see at places such as petting zoos.

Quarter Horse

This American breed is known to be the most popular horse in the entire world. It is known to be the fastest, particularly over shorter distances. Because of this, these horses are used for pleasure events including barrel racing, roping and other competitions.

Tennessee Walker

This is an American breed of horse which evolved back in the 18th century and was developed for agricultural purposes. They are steady are on their feet and have a smooth run and walk, making them great for longer distances. At one point, this horse was relied upon as a method of transportation for Civil War Generals.

Paint Horses

The Paint Horse got its name for its unique appearance; literally looking as though it is covered in paint spatters. It is a combination of the best parts of a western stock and a pinto horse. There is some debate as to whether the American Paint Horse is a true breed, by defined standards. By formal measures, they are a pure breed given their bloodline requirements and characteristics. These horses excel most in Western arenas.

Many resources, including this website, help inform you of these breeds, and about different types of horses, to help provide information and insight into each of these types. Horses have evolved from animals for war and farming, to become great for sport, for pets and still today for agriculture and working purposes.