Creating Magic

Have you ever actually seen a stunning photo in a magazine and fallen in love with it? Have you ever gazed upon a digital image or video game and wondered how this brilliance was made? Well, the truth is you are not alone. Technology has advanced so much, that things which were previously impossible, now simply have to be imagined and they will become real.

==How to Digitally Modify Images==

The art of digitally modifying images such as paintings and drawings of horses is one which is a bit complex and time-consuming. However, with practice and the right skills, anyone can do it. This skill can only be perfected if you know the basics, and that is learning how to draw on a piece of paper the old-fashioned way. Afterwards, technology can be applied to create those video games that are used on Casino Apps or other famous gaming websites and consoles.

These images of horses first have to be sketched on a piece of paper, then scanned and saved onto a computer. If one seeks to create simple illustrations of horses running or kicking, for example, they can use applications such as Photoshop or Illustrator to modify these images, so that they move. More complicated illustrations, such as those seen in computer or casino games, take a lot more time and more advanced applications to create. These applications are challenging to master, but most people who have studied them, or used similar products, will be able to navigate their way around them.

Video and casino games featuring horses have a lot of detail in them. To put things in perspective, an illustrator draws a horse, either on paper or a tablet capable of such tasks. Afterwards, these drawings have to be uploaded onto the application being used. Once that is done, the animal has to be made to move, and this is achieved by drawing multiple frames of the same horse doing a specific action. The result is a fully animated horse roaming around freely and able to move as it is directed in a video or casino game.