About the Blog: A Celebration of Horse Beauty

Horses are a beautiful animal. Their shining coats, majestic manes, and long tails have dazzled humans for millennia. With the large variety of horse breeds that exist today, there are so many beautiful horses to see. Horses have also historically inspired people to produce art. This blog is dedicated to the beauty of horses, and, specifically, to producing the finest horse art.

A Brief History of Horse Art

Some of the earliest cave paintings, found at Lascaux in France include depictions of horses. These paintings are believed to be over 16000 years old! In the 18th and 19th centuries, horse drawings and paintings became a unique subject for artists to master. The painting of ‘equestrian subjects’ was a popular practice. The 18th-century painter George Stubbs painted horses so frequently he became known as “the horse painter”. Popular scenes for horse paintings include military battles, horse racing, and the American West.

How to Paint a Horse

Painting equestrians isn’t an easy task. Mimicking their muscle patterns and unique contours, and doing this from a variety of perspectives is a serious artistic challenge. In the modern-day digital technology has changed the artistic landscape. Today artists can use computers to produce beautiful images, including horse art. On this blog, you will find information about how to use digital rendering tools to produce images. This is a new and exciting horse art medium!

The ‘Painted’ Horse

Some horses seem painted even in nature! Pintados, which were introduced to North America in the 16th century, appear to be splattered with paint! These fascinating creatures are our favorites, given that they combine horses and art. You can find a lot of information about painted horses in our posts on the subject. We have articles about the history of the painted horse, as well as a detailed description of the various color patterns of different painted horse breeds.

A Plethora of Horses

With so many horse breeds out there, you may be looking for the right one to inspire your artistic creations. This blog provides information about a number of very different looking horse breeds. Are you looking for a horse that is monotone? Multi-colored? Large? Small? Check out our posts on horse breeds to find your equestrian muse.

As you can see, this blog was produced by people who are crazy about horse art and hope to aid and inspire others in their pursuit of drawing our favorite animal.