1986 - 2009

We are deeply saddened by the loss of this great horse .. he was truly a one in a million. He was a kind and wonderful stallion who touched the hearts of all that new him.........



Don't overlook this stallions get.... like their sire they are excelling in both the halter and performance arenas on both the regional and National level ..... He is a proven performance and halter horse and his get are following in his footsteps.....mares sired by Sleep are producing World and National level horses crossed on a variety of stallions. His get are well balanced, with nice movement and extremely easy trainability.

While having a show record in halter with 22 points in aged stallions and his ROM in 3-year old snaffle bit "SON" is producing a pretty riding horse.

  Having produced  70 registered  foals to date, he has produced 

5 performance point earners with a total of 87 pts

12 halter point earners with a total of 81.5 pts

6 non-pro point earners with 101.5 pts earned

5 youth point earners with 60.5 pts earned

 and 7 ROM achievers.

  "Son" is the sire of numerous halter futurity winners, western pleasure futurity winners, most colorful, Canadian National championships, and top ten in the nation.  

His get have disposition, looks, athletic ability and the bloodlines to produce the capability to win.

OneMightySleeper PR "Harry"

Sire: Sleepy Son Sation   Dam: Mighty Jack Lynn (sired by Leo Jack)

Owned by Jay Katzenberger, Minneapolis, MN
Loved by Paige Boner, Stillwater, MN

13.0 Points Open Hunter in Hand Geldings (ROM)
5.5 Points Open Halter Geldings      
11.5 Points Non Pro Showmanship (ROM)
9.5 Points Limited Non Pro Showmanship
11.5 Points Non Pro Showmanship (ROM)
2.5 Points Limited Non Pro Western Equitation
3.5 Points Novice Non Pro Western Equitation
1.0 Points Non Pro Western Pleasure
.5 Point Limited Non Pro Western Pleasure
3.0 Points Novice Non Pro Western Pleasure
5.5 Points Non Pro Halter Geldings

In March 2008, Harry moved on to teach another lucky young girl the joys of riding and showing Appaloosas. My 10 year old neice, Paige, got a special delivery when I dropped off Harry at Sarah Crowley Show Horses in Stillwater, MN. Paige had been taking a lesson a week on one of Sarah's horses, and her parents and I decided it was time to let her have her own horse to work with and show.

Over the months and into the spring, Paige and Harry clicked. Harry is such a good boy, he does he job and loves having little girls fawn all over him. Paige would go out to the barn nearly every day of the week and ride him. Since Harry is very talented and can do Western Pleasure, Horsemanship, Hunter Under Saddle, Hunt Seat Equitation, Showmanship, Halter and Trail...Paige was excited to be able to go to WSCA shows and show all day long!

She showed at several shows in 2008 and won ribbons in every class she entered. She qualified for Champ Show in Pee Wee Showmanship, Pee Wee Western Pleasure, Pee Wee Western Horsemanship and Junior English Pleasure. In PW SMS, she placed 10th out of 21. in PW Western Pleasure, she placed 14th out of 27th, in PW Western Horsemanship, she placed 8th out of 24 (Harry rocked the pattern!) and in Junior English Pleasure she placed 12th out of 53!

Not too bad for a 10 year old girl who had only really started riding in April 2008 and didn't want to do the Hunter stuff! She's spent this winter working on her horsemanship skills and wants to take Harry to one or two ApHC shows in 2009 in addition to the WSCA shows in and around the Stillwater area with the goal of showing at Champ Show in September. She's even been taking him over cavalettis and x jumps with the goal of doing Youth Hunter Hack at shows this summer. Her mom is busy at work created one of a kind outfits for her to show...she's a special little girl.

I love you very much, Paige.

Uncle Jay



Thank You Jay....Keep us posted on your continued success with "Harry"

We would like to thank Jay for the additional photos of "Harry and wish him well with his continued sucess....

If you own a Sleepy horse we would love photos and stories 

PHOTO TAKEN MAY 19, 2005  19 years old

We are no longer offering Sleepy to the public but we are offering some outstanding individuals, out of select mares, for your consideration.. 

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